Please can you be aware of the following pieces of information regarding snow and icy weather;

  • Even if your child’s school remains open in snowy or icy conditions please do not assume that we will be able to take your child to school. Because of the safety issue of taking groups of children either on icy pavements or in the car on icy roads it may be that we decide to close Breakfast Club or After School Club. Please always ring kids Club 01663742226 to see if we are open.
  • If schools are cancelled when your child is at breakfast club we will need you to collect or arrange someone to collect your children as soon as possible. We can not run full day care in term time.
  • If schools close early because of poor weather we will not be able to collect your child.

Please always ring kids Club 01663742226 to see if we are open, or visit our facebook page or


After school
  • The schools do not tell us about these events.
  • If your child is going on a trip or is involved in an out of school activity it is your responsibility to let us know and check that we are able to pick them up later.
  • If you are given a choice of them being picked up from school or another place please ask us which will be most convenient. (This will depend on time of pick up, and number of children involved.)

Breakfast Club; early drop off for trips.
Again schools do not tell us about the trips, it is your responsibility to ask us if your child needs to be taken to school early for a trip. We will always do our very best to do this but it may mean bringing in an extra staff member so advanced notice is needed

Please remember we pick up 30 children each day from 4 different schools each day. When we leave to make a late pick up we have to ensure we have a safe staffing level back at base.